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a man using a wearable mouse and AR glasses
a wearable meta mouse ring

VANZY 2.0 Meta Mouse

Bring your Virtual World to Reality
with Spatial Computing

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Met VANZY before? This meta mouse just got an upgrade!

Take total control over your XR space and smart devices through Gesture, Air and Meta mouse modes. With 100% 9DoF accuracy and integration updates for Unity and AR glasses plugins, upgrade your virtual experiences! 


a hand with a wearable mouse ring doing a gesture movmenet

Gesture Mouse

With seven different gestures and fully customizable functions, set your own unique combinations to meet your personal needs.

a hand with a wearable mouse ring pressing

Air Mouse

Enjoy four different mouse functions, including left-click, right-click, and scrolling. This is perfect for those who want to use their device from afar.

a hand with a wearable mouse ring holding a globe

Meta Mouse

Take control of your virtual space with spatial computing thanks to the power of VANZY2.0. 100% 9DoF accuracy gives you a ultimately immersive experience.  

Main Features

purpe transparent sphere
a man wearing ar glasses and a wearable ring mouse
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Control Over your Meta Space

Using VANZY 2.0 as a Meta Mouse allows you to use all the benefits that the gesture and air modes have to offer, while experiencing VANZY 2.0 as a spatial computing medium. As a small wearable device, VANZY 2.0 enhances user experience when interacting with the virtual XR world, and provides an immersive experience like non-other.

a hand with a wearable ring showing 9dof movement
icon of target

9DoF [ Precise three-dimensional spatial coordinates ]

VANZY 2.0 has achieved 100% 9DoF accuracy! This is the highest accuracy achieved by any of our products so far. By combining sensor fusion (3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) with machine learning, VANZY 2.0 offers the most precise gesture and movement tracking available on the market.

a hand with a wearable mouse ring while typing
efficient icon

Control Over your Meta Space

VANZY 2.0 is the perfect accessory to boost your workflow efficiency and perform better at any task. It has several built-in features including App Switching and Disruption-free Typing! VANZY 2.0 will be the last ‘Smart Gadget’ you’ll ever need!

a hand with a wearable mouse ring while moving the video
compatiblity icon

Unlimited Compatiblity

The VANZY app can be downloaded from Apple Store, Play Store, Mac Store, and Microsoft Store! To connect to your VANZY 2.0, open up the app and continue via Bluetooth. Use the app to customize gestures’ connected functions.

VANZY 2.0 Spec



Wireless Connectivity

BLE 5.0

Battery Capacity

DC 3.7Vdc / 32mAh
Lithium-ion ( LIP )

DC 3.7Vdc / 165mAh
Lithium-ion ( LIP )

Input Voltage

5Vd.c / 32mAh

USB 5V / 0.5A

Charger terminals

Charging Duration

Battery Life



5h ( Full Operation )

USB C type


5 times charging for Ring

Compatible with

Android 5.0 or above / Apple iOS 11.0 or above
iPadOS 13 or above / Windows 10 or above / Mac OS

Operating distance

within 10m ( Open Space )


Package Contents

Ring Device, Charging Cradle, user manual,
Silicon Ring, USB C type Cable

Manufactured by

CoX Space Co., Ltd


100% Accuracy





W 13mm x T 9mm x L 29mm



W 3.7cm x T 1.3cm x L 10cm



Charging Cradle





a wearable ring mouse image
a wearable ring mouse image




바 크래들 옆.png



About Us

COX Space has a vision to be the leading company that develops a range of tools that can enhance people's experience in virtual space. Through the development of futuristic wearable technology, our team of experts has experience at leading semiconductor firms, (Intel, MediaTek, Infineon) and artificial intelligence and extended reality (XR). Through the development of innovative interfaces for spatial computing, we aim to produce the perfect solution for seamless interaction between the real world and the metaverse.

a transparent purple sphere

VANZY 2.0 is our third crowdfunding project, as previously mentioned on the story page. We have successfully funded two wearable devices in the past through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Wadiz, and Makuake. We are incredibly proud to release our latest upgraded version of VANZY to the Kickstarter community and hope to receive the same positive feedback and support from the community.

a woman wearing a ring mouse and giving a presentation
a man wearing a ring mouse and playing a game

Meet VANZY 2.0

Discover the Improved VANZY 2.0 on Kickstarter

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a wearable ring mouse
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